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Matt "Twiggy" Twigg

Matt "Twiggy" Twigg is an esports commentator, host and desk analyst with experience in every level of Valorant competition, from Tier 2 broadcasts up to the best of the best on VCT EU Challengers.

Reliable and passionate, Twiggy can bring energy and excitement to any gaming event, whether creating an engaging and educational narrative or entertaining and interacting with viewers.

I'm available to work both NA and EU timezones, and willing to travel anywhere either in England or outside the country for LAN events.


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"Twiggy went above and beyond for our Proving Grounds Valorant $5,000 Finals. He far surpassed expectations when researching the teams involved, and provided great talking points before heading into each match. He carried the excitement from start to finish, and held a very high game knowledge through every play. I cannot wait to work with him for future Valorant events!"